Welcome to Weaver Bay!

Whether you're exploring the rich history of the region, taking in our unique shopping and dining, getting your groove on with our hip nightlife, vacationing on our beaches, or planning a corporate outing in one of our state-of-the-art conference centers, there's something for everyone in Weaver Bay.

Citizens of the week

  • Stark Miles

    Host and producer of cable access' "Music Video Revival" adding culture to our town.

  • Alberta Seisdedos

    Star first basewoman for local our Tackle Baseball Team. She'll take your heart swiging.

Latest News From Around Town

In conjunction with our partners over at the Daily Riptide -- for 75 years, Weaver Bay's leading source of news, sports, and quality coupons (on Tuesdays) -- we're pleased to present this selection of important headlines from the Tri City / Quad Cove area.

  • New Tourism Slogan Unveiled

    The Weaver Bay Board of Tourism and Sanitation has presented its new plan for attracting visitors to all that Weaver Bay has to offer. Look for it on everything from t-shirts to billboards this year.

  • Weaver Bay Leads Tackle Baseball Division

    2nd Basewoman Sylvia Kahale-Carpenter tackled five base runners and cataputed the Weaver Bay Baysballs to the top of their division following a 9-6 victory last night.

  • Festival Set to Revive Local Music Scene

    The first annual Weavermore Music Festival hopes to recapture the magic of the local music scene featuring music, food, art, mimes, and a petting zoo.

Voted the 37th Nicest Place to Live


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The town of Weaver Bay, which makes up the northwestern portion of the "Tri City/Quad Cove" region, just 25 miles from The City, is renowned as the "Birthplace of the Seafood Jello Salad" as it was here where the first wave of Polynesian/Quaker immigrants landed in the late 1600s. Weaver Bay offers vistors a lovely maritime climate with pristine, white sand beaches, mountainous ski lodges with packed powder slopes, a variety of shopping and dining options, and the finest surfing on the coast three months out of the year. Weaver Bay residents enjoy a relaxed lifestyle with a mixture of bohemain/transient worker/drifter culture mixed with seventies television sitcom elements and 1940's radio drama. You'll come for the cheap drinks, but you'll stay for the duration of your parole.