12560 Morpheus Drive

Weaver Bay


Neighborhood Roberts' Peak
Type Single-Family Efficiency
Built 1985
Acres .25
Beds 1
Baths 1
Sqft 900
$/Sqft $554

Settle in and enjoy this luxury efficiency located in the trendy Roberts' Peak neighborhood overlooking Weaver Bay. Say goodbye to expensive utility bills, because this house is so eco-friendly that it only has walls on the south-facing side, completely eliminating the need for heating or air conditioning. The house comes completely furnished and features tall ceilings for maxium circulation, durable organic polymer flooring, and an open floorplan for maximum circlation and visual aesthetics. The location is to die for and convenient to shopping, restaurants, the dump, the docks, and the beach (particularly with rapelling cables).

The single bedroom features a georgeous colonial-style canopy bed with wrought iron chandalier. The terrace, also wrought iron, provides a view of the south bay area that will make you the envy of all your friends.

The third-floor sitting room, located just off the bedroom features a French-style antique loveseat paired with late 80s era appliances. One unique feature is the numerous purse hooks and shoe cubbies hidden throughout the room.

The classic style bathroom is simple and efficient with a garden tub that fits 1.5 people. One unique feature of this room is that all of the fixtures are complely movable, allowing you to redesign the room on a whim.

The second floor dining room approximates a Parisian street cafe in chiq plastic, complete with matching aquamarine chairs to access the pink theme of the rest of the house. The entire room faces south, ensuring you get gentle sea breezes with your morning coffee.

The house's inspired floorplan actually places the kitchen on the first floor, right next to the garage and front door, ensuring that you never have to carry your groceries far from your matching pink glam convertible (sold separately).

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