427 Adams Parkway

West Weaver


Neighborhood Mashuno Estates
Type Single-Family Home
Built 2019
Acres .25
Beds 3
Baths 2.5
Sqft 2,150
$/Sqft $102

Believe us, when you feast your eyes on this post-modern, luxury-filled dream home, you'll probably start muttering incomprehensively and lose control of your bladder like so many visitors before you.

This modern room is done in a 60's art deco style and accenutated with a non-functioning wood-stove/fireplace, a baby grand, and plenty of non-functioning bookshelves. The huge windows allow for plenty of natural light and, surprisingly, put no glare at all on the large, flat-panel television that hangs opposite them.

A spacious office area features a lovely glass-topped desk, non-functioning file cabinet, and a deluxe marble chessboard. You'll spend hours here honing your logic skills to get that big promotion at work or simply chatting with friends on the trendy desktop computer.

The spacious, contemporary-style kitchen features most of the amenities you've come to expect, like a fire-proof stove and high-end dish washer. There is tons of cabinet space, but don't worry, you won't need them, because the amazing recessed refrigerator not only holds all your food, but also magically restocks itself every day.

Need a mancave? This one is done in stylish space age furniture and features a giant telelvision, video game cabinet, and full liquor bar. Frankly, if you're like us, you won't want to leave.

The high-point of the lot is back patio, which is perfect for entertaining. The modest-sized infinity pool and hot tub will make your heart go "Who-Hoo!," and all the random passers-by on the sidewalk will no doubt be jealous of your exploits.

Citizens of the week

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