5 Overlook Way

North Bay

$35,000 (OBO)

Neighborhood Dran Overlook
Type Single-Family Home
Built 1875
Acres .25
Beds 3
Baths 2
Sqft 1,800
$/Sqft $19.44

A unique fixer-upper opportunity nestled in the historic Dran Overlook area of Weaver Bay, this charming house exemplifies the "California Gothic" style of architecture that is currently in resurgence in parts of the country. It's nestled near a meadow on top of a hill for maximum privacy and minimal noise. Many prospective buyers, and there have been several, remark that the house exudes so much personality and charm that they can actually hear it talking to them at times. Oh, and did we mention: NEW ROOF!

The regal main entryway is airy and spacious, doubling as a great room. In olden days it no doubt hosted many great fetes. It features a stately gothic-style staircase in majestic wood, and thanks to the rats, the roach infestation is now a thing of the past.

Many period-inspired furnishings come included with the price of the house. Who could possibly break up this pairing of a late-victorian louge chair in walnut, a matching loveseat and gentlemans's chair, and this gorgeous organic fiber carpet that matches perfectly in both compisiton and texture.

The spacious bathrooms feature oversized fixtures all in period-appropriate style. You'll love losing yourself the extra deep garden tub, and thanks to boiler room heating, you'll never run out of hot water to fill it. Plus, maintenance is a snap, just go down to the basement and bang on the pipes a couple times, and everything's good as new.

Of course, we get the most excited about this gorgeous sun room. Imagine sitting here, amongst all of natures splendid beauty in the mornings, drinking coffee, watching the sunrise, contemplating the perfect murder ... for your upcoming mystery novel, that is.

Of course this house is all about storage space. In addition to almost 2000 square feet of living area upstaris, the basement is absolutely to die for. With a little bit of work, it would be ideal as a man cave, home office, secret crime-fighting lair, or oubliette for keeping things you'd rather people not find.

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